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Hung Kuen is a complete system of Chinese martial art, developing the mind, body and spirit.

Our art traces its roots back to the ancient Shaolin Temple in China and is based of the movements of the 5 classical Kung Fu animals, dragon, tiger, snake, leopard and the crane. Techniques are also drawn from the 5 classical elements, gold, wood, water, fire and earth.

We are taught by Sifu Ang Kee Kong, and his dedicated team of blackbelt instructors. Sifu Ang has over 20 years of teaching experience both in the UK, and his homeland of Malaysia. Sifu Ang has the full backing and support of his teacher, Sifu Cheong Wing Kwang.

Based in the UK, we have a variety of training locations across the country. Explore the site to find out more about our art, and your local training centre.

Contact - info@hungkuen-kungfu.com