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Luk Ah Choi

Luk Ah Choi was a well known disciple and a classmate of Hung Hei Gung in the Shaolin Temple.

It is said that when Gee Sin Sim See heard of Hung Hei Gung's school in Fa City in Guangdong he sent Luk Ah Choi to learn from his former classmate, and to help him with the development and promotion of the school.

He became an expert of the style, learning everything from Hung Hei Gung, including his famous Fu Hok Sueng Ying Kuen. After many years of training in Fa City, Hung Hei Gung sent Luk Ah Choi to Canton, to open a school and spread the arts even further.

Luk Ah Choi's best student was Wong Tai, though he later taught his son also, Wong Kei Ying.

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