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Lam Sai Wing

Born in 1860, Lam Sai Wing grew up in a family of martial artists, and had already many years of training from an early age before he set out in his search to find the best kung fu masters in order to improve his skills.

It is said that Lam Sai Wing had heard much about Wong Fei Hung, and challenged him to prove his skill. Lam Sai Wing was no match for Wong Fei Hung, and he was easily defeated, and Wong Fei Hung later accepted Lam Sai Wing as his student.

Lam Sai Wing quickly became Wong Fei Hung's top student, and learned everything from his master. Lam Sai Wing did much to promote Hung Kuen, teaching openly to anyone wishing to learn, and had many superb students of his own.

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