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Wong Kei Ying

Wong Kei Ying learned kung fu first from his father Wong Tai, then later from Luk Ah Choi. After many years of study Wong Kei Ying mastered the art, and set up clinic in Guangdong where he practised traditional chinese medicine and taught kung fu.

Wong Kei Ying's skill was legendary and along with his son, Wong Fei Hung, he was known as one of the Ten Tigers of Guangdong. Wong Kei Ying travelled all over China with his son, and they met many skilled kung fu practitioners and learned from their encounters.

Wong Kei Ying and his son famously learned the powerful internal form
Tit Sin Kuen (iron wire fist) from Lam Fook Sing, a student of the famous Tit Kiu Sam. It is said that the form was passed on in gratitude after Wong Kei Ying treated a bystander injured accidentally in a street performance by Lam Fook Sing.
Tit Sin Kuen remains the highest level of Hung Kuen taught today.

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