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Hung Hei Gung

Legend has it that Hung Hei Gung was a descendant one of the sons of Ming Emperor Chung Chen, and was active in many anti-Ching activities.

Hung Hei Gung sought refuge in Shaolin fearing persecution from the Ching government and it is here that he became one of the top students of the Abbott Gee Sin Sim See, specialising in Tiger style. After the massacre of the Shaolin Temple, Hung Hei Gung spent many years hiding with the Red Boat Opera Troupe, travelling all over China.

It is said that on his travels, he met and married Fong Wing Chun, an expert in the Crane style having learned from her uncle, the legendary Fong Sai Yuk. Hung Hei Gung took the best parts of his wifes Crane style, and incorporated it into his own Tiger style, creating the famous Fu Hok Seung Ying Kuen, or Tiger Crane Double Shaped Fist. Once the ban on kung fu was lifted, Hung Hei Gung set up a school in Fa City.

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