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Gee Sin Sim See

Gee Sin Sim See was one of the original 5 eldars from Northern Shaolin. It is said that when Northern Shaolin was destroyed by the Ching in the 17th century Gee Sin fled to Southern Shaolin where he continued to teach kung fu and support anti-Ching activity.

Gee Sin became the Abbott of Southern Shaolin and had many students, including Hung Hei Gung and Luk Ah Choi.

After the destruction of the Southern Shaolin temple, Gee Sin fled a second time, and ended up travelling with the famous Red Boat Opera Troupe, where the low, powerful stances of Hung Kuen were further developed. It is said that the main characteristics of Hung Kuen as we know it today, such as low stances, and strong footwork were born from the time spent in the confines of the cramped and rocking red boats.

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