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Sifu Ang Kee Kong

Sifu Ang began learning Hung Kuen at an early age from Sifu Cheong Wing Kwang in his home country of Malaysia.

Sifu Ang was quickly recognised as a highly competent student, and by the age of 15 began teaching as a student instructor. By 17, Sifu Ang had risen to the level of full instructor and began making a name for himself in the martial arts community of Malaysia, winning many tournaments inlcuding the Malaysia Open Championships in 1978.

Sifu Ang's father, Ang Two Yong was also a Hung stylist, originating from Ting Hai village in Guangdong.

Sifu Ang arrived in the UK in 1984, and immediately made an impact, teaching in an open manner to all those who wish to learn.

Contact - info@hungkuen-kungfu.com