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Origins of Hung Kuen

Hung Kuen traces its roots back to Shaolin Temple in Northern China. Legend has it that a monk named Bodhidarma travelled to Shaolin Temple around 600AD and found the monks there too weak for prolonged periods of meditation. To prepare the monks for the physical challenges of meditation Bodhidarma taught the monks a special set of exercises.

It is said that these exercises developed over the years into fighting arts. Shaolin served as the main Imperial Temple, where many great generals, warriors and scholars retired and devoted there lives to monkhood. The temple served as a place for these men to refine their arts, and develop new fighting styles.

Shaolin is often wrongly referred to as the origin of all Kung Fu. Rather, it served as the first institutionalised centre for Kung Fu, resulting in the refining and crystallisation of the fighting techniques we know today.

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